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Helping parents guide their families with grace and confidence

Hitting a wall in a particular challenge?

Is anxiety taking over your home and relationship?

Coaching can empower you with insight to make a clear plan,

hopeful progress and deep connection.


I'm Katie Wetsell, a mom of 4 kids by birth and adoption, and a former pediatric nurse practitioner and professor.

I utilize the Connected Families' Framework to help you gain insight and develop a perspective and plan to lead your family through your current challenge, building stronger connection and wisdom for the next. 




I am trained in Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE), a parent-based approach for helping children with anxiety, anxiety disorders, and OCD.


I have also personally used Trust-Based Relational Intervention resources for

trauma-informed care for more than 10 years in my home and profession.

Contact me to find out more and how I may support you and your family, too!



Session Packages 



4 one-hour session -$275

6 one-hour sessions for childhood anxiety (SPACE) - $400.
Single sessions for existing clients.


Available for families in Middle Tennessee. Choose an in-person meeting location, a quiet room in your home, favorite coffee shop or church facility.


4 one-hour session -$275

6 one-hour sessions for childhood anxiety (SPACE) - $400.
Single sessions for existing clients.


Available via Google Meet

Mother and Child

Learn Together!

Connected Families has amazing  
Online Courses!

Contact me if you'd like to have me speak to your group or lead a small group course.

Online Workshop
Mother and a Child


SPACE treatment

"Through Katie's support and guidance, we were also able to help our daughter face some anxieties by going through the steps in the SPACE program. These past three months, we have gained so much knowledge, not only about our daughters' anxieties, but our own. 


Katie has been outstanding in her knowledge, and strategies to support not only our daughter but our son, as well. We both appreciate how she focused on God's plan for our children and would continue to pray for our family." 


 - Jon and Joy Beukes- parents to two highly energetic children


"Working with Katie provided us with an invaluable toolkit for living out gospel-centered parenting with our kids. We really didn't have a clear or consistent approach to parenting and discipline, and often landed on the side of being harsh to accomplish behavior change - and that was completely ineffective. We battled daily power struggles and meltdowns that left everyone frustrated.


Now we have a way of seeing our kids with more empathy, approaching situations from a place of calm, and inviting conversations that get to the heart of the misbehavior in a loving and safe space. We have so many more tools for identifying root causes of misbehavior, ways of communicating kindly, and seeing strengths hidden behind misbehavior.

Katie was so helpful because we were able to apply the larger framework to our situation, then brainstorm practical ways of how it would play out in our everyday life.

She understands the struggles of raising children, but also knows that God has a greater redemptive purpose for us and our kids. We highly recommend working with Katie and are so thankful for the gift it has been to our family!"

-Client HT


"Our coaching sessions with Katie were so helpful for our family!


We felt stuck on some ongoing challenges with our kids (ages 4 and almost 2) and wanted some bigger picture, Scripture-based guidance about parenting. We had sought guidance from books and podcasts, but we thought it would be helpful to have personalized guidance and encouragement from a coach. 


By walking us through the Connected Families Framework and helping us apply it to our own situation, Katie provided exactly the kind of guidance and encouragement we were hoping for.


She helped us better understand how to apply the truth of the gospel to ourselves and to our kids, which has helped us become more peaceful as parents and more connected as a family. 

We regularly use several of the specific strategies that we learned in our coaching sessions, and we also recognize ways that our thinking and decision-making has been shaped (in positive ways!) by the Connected Families Framework more generally.


We are so thankful for the wisdom Katie shared with us during coaching sessions and for her support as we practiced applying what we were learning in between the sessions.


Katie’s coaching was totally worth the investment—we would highly recommend it to anyone who would like some guidance, encouragement, and accountability as they seek to make changes in their parenting.

-Susanna, mom of two

Let's talk!

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Nashville, TN 37216

(615) 488-8265

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