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Nashville-based parent coach helping families find hope in challenging seasons

Most parents reach out because they are hitting a wall in a particular challenge, some may just need the accountability of a coach to make the changes they are already convinced they need, others may be proactively seeking guidance. 


Grandparents, foster parents, soon-to-be parents, nannies are all welcome, too!


Still in the thick of parenting myself (4 children ages 6 to 14), I know even day-to-day challenges can get overwhelming, but I also have particular experience supporting parents through acute and chronic medical crises. I am trained in SPACE, a parent-based approach for helping children with anxiety and OCD and have personally used Trust-Based Relational Intervention resources over the past 10 years in my home and profession.


I utilize the Connected Families' framework to help you navigate your unique family and circumstance. Connected Families is a Christian organization, but coaching allows flexibility to apply the principles to any faith background. 

Contact me to find out more and if my services may help your family, too!


Individual and Group Coaching



4 one-hour sessions. $250
Single session option for existing clients. $75

Available for families in Middle Tennessee. Choose an in-person meeting location, a quiet room in your home, favorite coffee shop or church facility.


4 one-hour sessions. $250
Single session option for existing clients. $75

Available via Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Meet

Mother and Child
Session in Progress


4-session package. $200 per household.

Available in-person or virtually. Great option for close families or friends working together.


10% discount on any Connected Families' individual or small group online course! Promo code:KATIEW10

Option with code: FREE Facilitation of any Connected Families Small Group online courses

Gather your community to learn about various parenting topics together. I can be available for fielding questions as you digest and apply the content. You can purchase the course through Connected Families' website and contact me to work out scheduling availability.

Online Workshop
Mother and a Child

Now Available!

SPACE treatment

SPACE stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions and is a parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. Package offerings are under development, but contact me if you are interested in starting this summer.

Visit www.spacetreatment.net to learn more.


My name is Katie Wetsell. I have always had a calling on my heart to care for children. I had ample opportunity through my years as a pediatric oncology nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, and nursing professor. My time in academia really allowed me to develop my administrative and teaching strengths, as well. In 2019, I went back to the bedside in pediatric oncology in a part-time capacity. That is when I really noticed my passion and skill for loving children through their parents. 


On the home-front, we found Connected Families when our youngest was born and we needed more guidance through some high stress situations with our older children. A few months after, we decided to utilize a parent coach to help us make progress through the most difficult season in our parenting journey. Five years later, I first heard about a Connected Families parent coaching certification program, but was still focused on supporting my husband through his own career transition. When the pandemic sent all 4 of my kids home to virtual school, I decided to resign from my nursing positions and take a step of faith; hoping that this unprecedented time was the perfect time to transition careers. 

I have 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, through birth and adoption. They are incredible kiddos, but we have had to learn a lot about attachment, medical and mental health diagnoses, time management, and biblical truths to enjoy where we are now. 


The Connected Families resources have been such a huge help to me and my family, and I cannot wait to share them with you! Starting in May 2021, I will also be trained in SPACE treatment to help parents learn how to support their children struggling with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.



"Working with Katie provided us with an invaluable toolkit for living out gospel-centered parenting with our kids. We really didn't have a clear or consistent approach to parenting and discipline, and often landed on the side of being harsh to accomplish behavior change - and that was completely ineffective. We battled daily power struggles and meltdowns that left everyone frustrated.

Now we have a way of seeing our kids with more empathy, approaching situations from a place of calm, and inviting conversations that get to the heart of the misbehavior in a loving and safe space. We have so many more tools for identifying root causes of misbehavior, ways of communicating kindly, and seeing strengths hidden behind misbehavior.

Katie was so helpful because we were able to apply the larger framework to our situation, then brainstorm practical ways of how it would play out in our everyday life.

She understands the struggles of raising children, but also knows that God has a greater redemptive purpose for us and our kids. We highly recommend working with Katie and are so thankful for the gift it has been to our family!"

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